Women's Rights


Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled often held to include the rights to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expressions, and equality before the law. Not all humans have rights and specific genders of some humans in different parts of the world who do not have these rights and they are women. Women are abused greatly. Every six minutes a women is getting abused. Because of the way women were treated so cruely in the past womens rights still continues to be a big important issue in.


This is a cycle of Physical and Sexual violence



Women are treated differently during medevil times

* women were not allout to sing in church
      • they were not alloud to show any of their body parts
        • they were not alloud to speak in public or they would be beaten== ==

Everyone should be entitled to

> Women were not alloud these rights and did not get any of these right
  • A lot of women are abused everyday physically and mentally but during medevil times women were trested even worst than they are not
  • What we learned

  • We have learned that a lot more women are being abused than we knew of. We also learned about women and how they were not alloud to sing in church and that all women were wanted dead.