Child Labor

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-In the first picture shown above is a young child who is a railroad worker
thats works underground with hazardous conditions.
- in the second picture shown above is two boys that are working in a factory.
The young boy, however seems to be working without shoes, which can
symbolize their harsh working conditions that children have to go through


  • Putting children to work first came about in the Medival era
  • poor and working class families had worked for centries before industrialization
  • children who lived on farms worked with the animals or in the fields planting seeds,
pulling weeds, and picking the rice crops.
  • boys looked after the draught animals, cattle and sheep
  • girls milked the cows and cared for the chickens
  • when they reach the age of 21 they would start their own buisness
  • the first labor was passed in britain to protect children from poor working conditions
  • the factory system was harsh. they had strict dicipline, harsh punishment,
unhealthy working conditions, low wages, and inflextible work hours.
  • child labor occurs in Africa, Spain, Indonesia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and other Asian countries.
  • in Spain 100, 000 children are working
  • in Africa 20% of children are forced to work for little pay
  • the children are estimated to get 1-3 U.S dollars a week if lucky.
  • "You must create a movement for change, a movement against child labor that would involve government, but also the media, communities, and nongovernment organizations involved in human rights, women's issues, and child issues "( Michel Hansenne, who is in the ILO. The international labor office)
  • poverty is what drives children into working.
  • some forms of child labor include soldiers servants, and prostitution
  • Approximately 211 million of the world’s children, between the ages of 5 and 14 are working
  • 120 million children are working full time to help support their impoverished families.
  • Although child labor is most common in developing countries, it is found throughout the world, including in the United States
  • Many of these children are forced into the workforce to become beggars, farm hands, and factory workers.

What programs are trying to help child labor?
  • ( ILRF)- which is the International labor rights fund has helped develop programs to fight child labor
  • (IPEC)- which is the international Programme on the Elimination of child labour- this organization program trys to prevent child labor from spreading. It trys to provide the children with rehabilitation and revelent education. They also improve livelihoods, jobs and income for there parents. Some companies even pay the families of the children to go to school to get an education and not work.

This is a 5 minute video that shows the conditions of child labor