Child Soldiers

  • Although there are no exact figures, hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 18 serve in gorernment forces or armed rebel groups. Some as young as eight years old.
  • Children's emotional and physical immutarity make them easy recruits.
  • Children are forcibly recruited. They may also join because of economic or social pressure, or because of the thoguht of getting food and security.
sudan_child_soldier.jpg In this picture they show a little boy from Sudan who is very nervous, and you can tell he wants to go home as soon as he can.
  • Child soldiers don't only include boys; it also includes girls under the age of eighteen. This occurs in countries including Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Uganda. They are used as cooks, messengers, and spies. May also be sent into minefields on suicide missions.
    Burma, Angola, Uganda, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Sudan are among forty-one countries that use child soldiers in their army.
    Burma has the largest number of child soldiers in the world and the number is growing.
external image Figure-14.jpg This is a child soldier ready for combat in Burma.
  • Twenty percent of Burma's army consists of children under the age of eighteen, which is a lot since there army only has about three hundred and fifty thousand soldiers.
  • This is about seventy-thousand child soldiers under the age of eighteen that consists of boys and girls.
  • “The section leader ordered us to take cover and open fire. There were seven of us, and seven or ten of the enemy. I was too afraid to look, so I put my face in the ground and shot my gun up at the sky. I was afraid their bullets would hit my head. I fired two magazines, about forty founds. I was afraid that if I didn’t fire the section leader would punish me.” This quote was said by Khin Maung Than, who was recruited by Burma's national army at the age of eleven.
external image hitler_youth_painting.jpg This is a portrait of a child soldier from Hitler's Youth.
  • The usage of child soldiers dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Even during the Middle Ages children were close to the frontlines of war.
  • Hitler's Youth totaled to 8.8 million people.
  • At the ages of 16 and 17 these children would command and be responsible for at least 500 other boys.
  • The younger boys aged under 14, operated search lights.
    Other Pictures
child-soldier-afghanistan.jpg In this picture they show a little boy from Afghanistan, with a very nervous look on his face.
ChildSoldierThailand.jpg In this picture the litte boy is looking out for himself and is ready to fire his gun if he needs to. Also in the background you can see another child solider.
rwanda_child_soldier.jpgIn this picture there is a child soldier from Rwanda, who is upset and looks like he is reflecting on what is going on with him and his life as of now. This is a great video about a former child soldier from Sierra Leone.